8th Grade Math Links

Mathmandments of the 8th Grade class

1. Thou shalt not use thy word 'math' in vain.
2. Thou shalt not take any subjects before math.
3. Thou shalt not cheat on your math.
4. Thou shalt respect your math leader.
5. Thou shalt follow the order of operations.
6. Anything thou shalt do to one side, thou shalt do to the other.
7. Thou shalt not drop thy math book.
8. Thou shalt remember that any number to the power of zero is always 1.
9. Thou shalt always number thy answers.
10. Thou shalt always study for thy math test.

Lesson on adding inequalities

Lesson on subtracting inequalities

Lesson on multiplying inequalities

Lesson on dividing inequalitites

Cool Math Inequality Crunchers!

Lesson on Divisibility Tests

Lesson on Exponents

Lesson on Order of Operations and Exponents

Lesson on Prime Factorization

Lesson on finding GCF

Lesson on Problem solving by solving a simpler problem

Dimensional Analysis!!!!

Powers of Products

Powers of Quotients

Transforming Formulas

Finding Slope

Slope and y-intercept

Worksheets for Chapter 4