Study Guide for HTML Test--Due Friday, November 21st

1. Know the following terms:
2. What are characteristics of a good web site?
3. What is a web browser and what does it do? Give 3 examples of commonly used browsers.
4. What is the difference between a tag and an attribute?
5. What is a path?
6. Explain what a directory is and how it is used. What is meant by your home or root directory?
7. How do all HTML documents start?
8. How do you save an HTML document if you want it to open in a browser?
9. When do you close a tag and how do you close it? Must all tags be closed?
10. What is one of the heading tags?
11. Which attribute will force alignment to the right, center, or left?
12. What could you use to create a horizontal line across your web page?
13. What would you use to start a list that is numbered?
14. Which tag do you need to use to change the font fact, color, size, etc.?
15. What tag is needed in a listing to create each list item?
16. Which tag will start a list that is not numbered or lettered?
17. What could you use to break a line of text into two lines?
18. What tag pair is used to create a title?
19. Which tag turns off italics?
20. Show how you would correctly link to another file.
21. To start a new column, in a row of a table, which tag is used?
22. Which attribute correctly places a border in a table?
23. What are the numbers called that we use for colors?
24. How do I insert a solid colored background?
25. Which tag needs to be used with an anchor tag to make an image into a link?
26. Which attribute requires the name of the image file?
27. How do I insert a picture for the background of my site?
28. What tag do you use to start a new paragraph?
29. Explain the difference between an absolute hyperlink and a relative hyperlink?
30. Where are the attributes set in the body tag applied to? Give an example of an attribute that can be placed in the body tag.
31. List attributes you can add to a table tag.

Be able to create a page without any outside assistance.